The 2022 annual summary meeting was successfully held


      All things are new. On January 17, 2023, Zanyu Technology held the 2022 annual summary meeting. Mr. Fang Yinjun, the general manager, made a summary report on the work in 2022 and put forward the work objectives and requirements in 2023. In 2022, under the correct leadership of the Board of Directors and the management, all employees will work together, face difficulties directly, face difficulties, properly cope with various difficulties and challenges, and fully promote the key work of production, operation and construction. The company's capacity scale will rise against the trend, and the industry position and market share will be further consolidated. In 2023, the company will maintain its strategic focus, unite as one, strengthen management, pay close attention to operation, adhere to the focus on the main business, moderately extend the industrial chain up or down, and strive to create a new leap and new situation in Zanyu with a higher morale and entrepreneurial spirit of hard work!

      At the meeting, four outstanding staff representatives from different positions spoke freely about their work experience and gains, and their striving spirit based on their own duties and continuous progress inspired more Zanyu people. The meeting reported the evaluation of cadres in 2022; Read out the annual rationalization proposal award, science and technology award and the issuance of cadre appointment; The excellent team that won the annual special award was commended. Fang Yinjun, General Manager, and Zou Huanjin, Executive Deputy General Manager, respectively signed the annual target responsibility letter with the heads of each business segment. Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Zhang Jingguo, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, sent holiday greetings and sincere greetings to all employees and their families who have silently contributed, thanked them for their unremitting efforts and hard work over the past year, and put forward new requirements for the work of the New Year. In 2023, let's move forward steadily and start a new journey together!