N-caprylic acid


CAS NO.124-07-2     standard:Q/HYH007-2021

Molecular formula: C8H16O2

Physicochemical properties: commonly known as leucovorin, it is made from natural coconut oil by hydrolysis and distillation. It is a colorless and transparent liquid. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents.


used to produce antiseptic, foaming agent, and insecticide, or used in antirust, corrosive inhibitant, defoamer, lube additive, viscosity regulator and high molecule modifier

项  目
指  标
碘值,g/100g ≤ 0.5
皂化值,mg/g 387~390
酸值,mg/g 383~392
罗维朋色度(133.4mm槽) ≤  R1.0  Y4.0
C8含量,%   ≥ 99

Package and storage

1.Packing: plastic drum, Net Weight 180kg.

2.Storage:this prouduct is stored and transported according to non-dangerous goods, stored in a cool and ventilated place, do not pile up with acid, alkali and corrosive goods, to ensure its moisture-proof, heat-proof, fire-proof and CORROsion-proof.

3.Shelf life: one year.

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