Oleic acid


CAS NO.112-80-1     Standard: QB/T2153-2010     

Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOH

Properties: light yellow oily liquid.


1. Used as emulsifier, stabilizer and lubricant in food and cosmetic industry.

2. Used as detergent, emulsifier, diffusing agent in textile industry.

3. It can be used as degreasing agent for tanning, degreasing agent for metal surface, and it can be used to make hand/shampoo or skin care balm with mild and non-irritating washing products because it is an amino acid derivative.

4. In rubber and plastic industry, it is used to produce oleic acid amide (slip agent, mold release agent), liquid compound heat stabilizer.

5.It is mainly used in metal processing operation to produce emulsified cutting oil, metal surface cleaning, rust prevention and lubrication, etc.

6. used in the wood industry for the preparation of anti-water agent paraffin emulsion.

7.Used in other industries for the production of lubricants, emulsifiers, detergents, fatty alcohols and synthetic esters and other fine chemical products.

Product model and Index

Item Index
Appearance, (25ºC) Light yellow oily liquid
Odor No rancid odor
Freezing point, (ºC) ≤ 8
Iodine value, (gI2/100g) 92~100
Acid Value, (mgKOH/g) 193~203
Saponification value, (mgKOH/g) 194~204
water content, (%) ≤
Chroma, (Hazen) ≤
Fatty acid composition, FAC(%)
Oleic acid(C18:1) ≥
Linoleic acid(C18:2) ≤
Saturated fatty acids of C18 & below ≤
Others ≤

Package and storage

1. Package: plastic drum, Net wt 180kg

2. Storag Store and transport the product as non-dangerous goods, keep it in a cool and ventilated place, do not stack it with acid, alkali and corrosive goods to ensure that it is moisture-proof, heat-proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof.

3. Shelf life: The shelf life of this product is one year.

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