Hydrogenated oil


CAS NO. 68514-74-9    Standard:QB/T2152-2013

Molecular formula:(RCOO)3C3H5 

Properties:milky white plastic & homogeneous solid, without unpleasant odor.。

Industries and Uses

mainly used in soap, stearic acid, stearic acid salts, fatty amines, monoglycerides and other products

Product Model and Index

Item Index
Chroma, mgI2/100ml ≤ 60
Melting point, ºC ≥ 58
Iodine value, gI2/100g ≤1 1
Water content, % ≤ 0.5

Packaging and storage

1.Packing: tank car for liquid or 25kg plastic woven bag.

2.Storage and transportation: Store and transport the product as non-dangerous goods, keep it in a cool and ventilated place, do not stack it with acid, alkali and corrosive goods to ensure that it is moisture-proof, heat-proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof.

3. Shelf life: The shelf life of this product is one year.

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