Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate(SLES)

Performance and application

SLES is white to yellowish paste, is easily soluble in water, and it is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performances.It performs good decontamination. emulsifying,wetting,densifying and foaming,with good solvency,wide compatibility,strong tolerance to hard water.high biodearadation.It is widely used in liquid detergent,such as dish washing,shampoo,bubble bath and hand washing,etc.SLES can also be used in textile,printing and dyeing oil and leather industries, it can be used in the lubricant,dyeing agent cleaner,foaming agent and degreasing agent.


Item Index
Superior grade product Qualified product
Appearance(25°C) White to yellowish paste
Active matter,% 70.0 ±2.0 70.0 ±2.0
Sodium Sulfate,% ≤ 1 1.5
Unsulfated matter,% ≤ 2 3
PH value(1% a.m.)≥ 7 7
Color,Hazen(5% a.m.)≤ 10 30

Packaging and storage

(N.W.) 170kg or 110kg per plastic drum(lined with inner bag) .This product need store in cool ventilated and dry place,keep away from sunshine and rain.

Shelf life:With proper packing and storage,guarantee period is 2 years.

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