Dodecyl Benzenesulfonic Acid(LABSA)

Performance and application

LABSA as the raw material of detergent is used to produce Sodium Alky Ibenzene Sulfonic Acid(LAS),which has the performances of cleaning,wetting,foaming,emulsifying and dispersing,etc.The rate of biodegradalion is more than 90%.The product is widely used for producing various detergents and emulsifiers,such as washing powder,detergent of dishware,detergent of light or hard dirt,cleaner of textile industry,dyeing assistant,degreaser of plating and leather making industry,and the deinking agent of paper-making industry, etc.


Item Index
Appearance(25°C) Brown viscous liquid
Active matter,% ≥ 96
Sulfuric acid,% ≤ 1.5
Content of free oil,% ≤ 2
color,Klett(5%water solution)≤ 35

Packaging and storage

(N.W.) 210kg per plastic drum.This product need store in cool ventilated and dry place,keep away from sunshine and rain.

Shelf life:With proper packing and storage,guarantee period is 2 years.

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