Sodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate(AOS)

Performance and application

a-olefin sulfonate is a new type of anionic surfactant produced by a-olefin gas-phase sulfonation and continuous neutralization.It has excellent emulsifying decontaminating and calcium soap dispersing performances. Advantages include good solvency and compatibility rich and fine foam,easy to biodegradation,low toxicity and low irritation to skin etc.Especially in the application of non-phosphorus detergents it has not only the good washing ability but also good compatibility with enzyme agents.Powder (granule) AOS have good fluidity. Therefore, it can be widely used in all kinds of household washing products such as phosphate-free detergent, liquid detergent and textile printing and dyeing industry, petrochemicals, industrial hard surface cleaning,etc.


Item Index
Solid liquid
Superior grade product Qualified product Superior grade product
Qualified product
Active matter,% ≥92
35±1 35±1
Sodium sulfate,% ≤ 5 5.5 1 1
Petroleum ether-soluble substance,%  ≤ 3
1.5 1.7
Free alkali(by NaOH),%  ≤ 0.9
0.3 0.3
Water,% ≤ 5
Color,Hazen(5%a.m.) ≤ 60

Packaging and storage

(N.W.) 200kg per plastic drum or (N.W.) 25kg per mucti-ply bags.This product need store in cool ventilated and dry place,keep away from sunshine and rain.

Shelf life:With proper packing and storage,guarantee period is 2 years.

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