The 11th (2018) China Fatty Chemical Industry Annual Conference was held in Qingdao


     The authoritative industrial development report, global oil chemical price trend, the latest cutting-edge technology, analysis of market changes in an all-round transition period and other practical information analysis have lit up the enthusiasm of the venue again and again... The "11th (2018) Annual Meeting of China's Oil and Chemical Industry" was held in Qingdao on June 20-22, 2018.

      The meeting was hosted by the Grease Chemical Branch of China Washing Products Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Washing Association") and organized by the China Washing Products Industry magazine. Zheng Wuhong, president of China Washing Association, and Gao Ming, chairman of Qingdao Baojia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. delivered speeches at the meeting. Fang Yinjun, president of the Grease Chemical Branch of China Washing Association and director of Zanyu Technology Group Co., Ltd., made a theme report, The meeting was presided over by Shen Xinhua, member of the Standing Committee of the Oils and Fats Chemical Branch of China Washing Association, and director of daily chemical purchasing and marketing of Zhejiang Jiahua Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. Nearly 200 guests from enterprises, universities and relevant institutions at home and abroad attended the annual meeting.

      On the report of the conference held on the morning of June 21, Wang Weibo, Secretary General of the Grease Chemical Branch of the China Washing Association, reported to the participants the "2017 Work Summary and 2018 Work Plan of the Grease Chemical Branch of the China Washing Association", and Huang Huohui, the chief representative of the Shanghai Representative Office of the Malaysian Palm Oil Commission, made a speech on "the importance of palm oil in the global oil supply", Professor Yin Fushan of Jiangnan University made a detailed analysis on the topic of "Progress of Global Industrial Biotechnology Industrialization", and Zhang Huatao, Secretary General of China Washing Association, made an introduction on "Global Research Hotspots in Oil Chemical Industry".

      In order to enhance the exchange of technical information and market information in the oil and chemical industry, so as to expand the breadth and depth of information sources, in addition to the conference report, the conference also set up two sub forums, including professionals from enterprises, research institutes, universities, trade and other different fields, which brought rich professional analysis and technical sharing to the participants, and also conducted face-to-face close communication and interaction with the participants.