Working Together to Achieve Prosperity ——Zanyu Technology Group Partner Conference Successfully Held in Hebi


      On April 19th, the Zanyu Technology Group Cooperation Conference was held in Hebi, Henan Province. Ma Fuguo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Shi Xinxin, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Hao Zhijun and Wang Qiang, City Leaders, Wang Wanxu, Chairman of the China Daily Chemical Industry Association, Zhang Jingguo, Chairman of the Group, Fang Yinjun, General Manager, Zou Huanjin, Deputy General Manager of the Standing Committee, and representatives of various partners and business associations from across the country, as well as representatives from Baoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone More than 150 officials from relevant departments directly under the city attended the conference.

      Secretary Ma Fuguo pointed out in his speech that in recent years, Hebi has firmly anchored the direction of high-quality development, focusing on building a first-class innovation and industrial ecology. The advantageous industries have accumulated momentum, and emerging industries are flourishing. In the future, industries will take the lead, achieving a magnificent transformation from "one coal dominant" to "multi industry simultaneous development". Currently, Hebi is striving to build a world-renowned and national first-class "Beautiful Economy" industrial base. We sincerely hope that everyone can extend their career development map to Hebi, introduce advanced business concepts to Hebi, and deploy more high-quality projects and innovative resources to Hebi, helping Hebi's daily chemical industry ride the wind and waves, achieve stability and progress. Hebi will provide comprehensive, convenient, and butler style services to share the opportunities of the times and create a better future together with everyone.

      Chairman Zhang Jingguo stated that the Hebi industry has a complete foundation and a good business environment, making it a fertile land for investment and development. In recent years, Zanyu Technology Group has established the Zhongyuan Daily Chemical Ecological Industrial Park of Zanyu Technology in Hebi. Currently, the production line and supporting facilities for washing and care products with an annual output of 500000 tons in Hebi have been basically completed, and once all are completed and put into operation, it will become a leading professional park in the industry. This conference has established an exchange platform between Zanyu Technology Group and upstream and downstream partners. We hope that everyone can enhance understanding, deepen cooperation, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the "Beautiful Economy" industrial base, and assist in the construction of a high-quality development demonstration city in the new era of Hebi.

      At the meeting, Hao Zhijun, a member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Baoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced the situation of Hebi City and focused on promoting the "beautiful economy" industry; Group General Manager Fang Yinjun gave a report on the overview and development strategy of Zanyu Technology; Li Zhonghong, General Manager of Henan Zanyu, introduced the relevant situation of Zhongyuan Daily Chemical Ecological Industrial Park; Wang Wanxu, Chairman of the China Daily Chemical Industry Association, delivered a report on "High Quality Development of China's Daily Chemical Industry - Raw Material Issues in the Industrial Chain".

      Before the meeting, the attending guests also conducted on-site inspections in Baoshan Economic Development Zone and Zanyu Technology Zhongyuan Daily Chemical Ecological Industrial Park.

      At this cooperation conference, Zanyu Technology Group adheres to the development concept of working together with one heart and win-win cooperation. The aim is to thank our partners for their strong support over the years. Through face-to-face communication, exchanging what is needed, and seeking common development, we aim to achieve win-win cooperation and promote the green, sustainable and healthy development of the surfactant, oil chemical, and washing and processing industries.