The 10th (2021) Sino-Malaysian Oleochemical Seminar and the 14th China Oleochemical Industry Annual Conference ended successfully


     On June 25, 2021, hosted by the China Laundry Products Industry Association and the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), and co-organized by the China Laundry Association Oleochemical Branch and the "China Washing Products Industry" magazine, the "10th (2021) China-Ma The oleochemical seminar and the 14th annual meeting of China's oleochemical industry" ended successfully in Zhengzhou, Henan.

     As the oleochemical industry conference with the largest scale, the highest attention, and the largest number of participants in China, the conference lasted for two days. The organizer specially invited analysts and industry experts from finance, investment, scientific research institutions, and well-known enterprises. The macroeconomic situation, as well as the latest domestic and foreign developments in the fields of oils and oleochemicals, from an authoritative and comprehensive perspective, provide an authoritative and comprehensive view of the international oil and oil and oleochemical products market supply, price trends, technical applications of oleochemical products, and domestic and foreign oleochemical industries. In-depth analysis and discussion were carried out on hot topics such as the problems and development trends faced.

    Fang Yinjun, general manager of Zanyu Technology Group and chairman of China Washing Association Oleochemical Branch, made a comprehensive review of the production and market conditions of China's oleochemical industry in 2020 with the theme of "accelerating green transformation, innovation and upgrading". The hot spots of concern were shared wonderfully, and the audience responded enthusiastically.

     Wang Weibo, Assistant General Manager of Zanyu Group and Secretary-General of China Oil and Oil Chemicals Branch, gave a speech titled "Outline of China's oleochemical industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan and Development Key Points in the 14th Five-Year Plan". Wang Kan, General Manager of Petrochemical Marketing Center of Zanyu Group, presided over a special market meeting and an industry development roundtable forum.