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Integrated supply chain and reassuring choice

Direct supply of high-quality self-produced raw materials. The output raw materials are directly connected to the product batching area, eliminating intermediate links such as transportation and storage. It has significant raw materials and cost advantages to protect high-quality products.

The daily chemical industrial park gathers upstream and downstream suppliers. Create the best OEM mode.

From the whole process of R & D, design and manufacturing, we provide one-stop supply chain service of formula customization, packaging design, production and processing for customers of cleaning products household cleaning products.

Nationwide distribution and large-scale operation

We have four production bases in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, Hebi, Henan, Meishan, Sichuan and Cangzhou, Hebei, which are distributed throughout the country. We are the OEM partner closest to you.

■ Jiangsu Zhenjiang factory has an OEM production line with an annual capacity of 100000 tons of liquid detergent.

■ Henan Hebi daily chemical industrial park project has 500000 tons of household cleaning products production equipment.

■ The projects of washing, care and household cleaning products in Meishan, Sichuan and Cangzhou, Hebei each have an annual output of 500000.

By 2025, the annual capacity of OEM / ODM processing of wash and care products will reach 1.6 million tons / year. In the long term, it is estimated that the total annual output of household cleaning products will reach 3 million tons.

High standard factory is renewed and upgraded, and quality control is guaranteed.

We have been deeply engaged in the surfactant industry for 30 years and have built an annual production capacity of 1.1 million tons of surface active products.
The production base of household cleaning products is equipped with sulfonated surfactant production equipment and OEM / ODM production line of household cleaning products. AES, sulfonic acid and other main raw materials are completely self-produced and self supplied.
We have the production license of food detergent, the production license of disinfection products and the three system certification of quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and occupational health and safety (iso45001). The production is standardized and the quality is guaranteed.
The factory quality control is equipped with physical and chemical inspection room, packaging material inspection room, central control inspection room, microbial inspection room, sulfonated product physical and chemical inspection room and instrument room. The product quality of each production stage is monitored in real time.
We have a full-automatic production and packaging line and a super large three-dimensional intelligent warehouse to improve the storage efficiency, reduce the damage rate of goods, and provide customers with strong storage protection.

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